This week I launched a small side project called Vitamin P. Just wanted to go into a bit more detail about it. The “P” stands for positivity. The idea is to share a positive news story and inspirational quote each morning and afternoon, to hopefully help brighten someone’s day a little bit.

My wife and I have been talking about how all of this negative and depressing news that keeps coming out day after day, really sticks to people. I know for me, that it’s wearing and makes me feel down and sad.

That said, I definitely don't want to ignore it. We're on this planet together and we are all affected by so many of the negative things going on, one way or another. We have to help each other where we can, and we're going to get through this somehow.

But it's important (at least for me), that I try to make some space for some of the positive things that are happening, and also generate some positive thoughts -- otherwise I get depressed about where we or a lot of us might be headed.

So I made Vitamin P. I know there are already some places that focus on positive things, but I wasn't seeing exactly what I was looking for, so I've made this first and foremost for myself.

I figure even if it’s only my partner/wife and a few friends/family that use it, hopefully it will help us at least to feel just a little bit more positive about everything going on in the world, by seeing some positive things on one page. A daily positivity supplement. :)

This little side project itself was pretty easy to set up. The first thing to figure out was the name. I came up with a few initial ideas:

  • Optimist List
  • Daily Brightside
  • Brightside Feed
  • Sail Full of Wind
  • DP Supplement (Daily Positivity)

Yeah, yeah, some of the other names are a little cheesy, but you have to rub sticks together to get an ember going. The last one, DP Supplement, was the one that led to Vitamin P.

From there I registered the domain name - - and began setting up the social media accounts:

I then made the website, where people can subscribe to a weekly email that gives them a summary of the content that was shared on social media over the past week.

A screenshot of the Vitamin P homepage

And that’s about it!

All in all, it took a little bit less than a day to set everything up. It only requires about 15-20 min of my time to maintain (the weekly email takes about 30 min), and it’s nice to set aside that time to read about something inspirational and positive.

We’ll see how it goes. Now back to work on some other things. :)